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About me

I am Katrin, the founder of KBC Coaching and Consulting, a coach, trainer, wife, mother of two boys, a passionate swimmer, and a nature and animal lover. I founded KBC Coaching and Consulting with the mission to help my clients to tap into their fullest potential and feel successful inside and out.


I worked in the Finance and Investment Management Industry for many years. My parents were both entrepreneurs and I run my own businesses.


I understand the challenges faced by founders, entrepreneurs, and executive leaders and I am committed to helping my clients run more profitable businesses and achieve the success they deserve in their business, as well as in their professional and personal lives. I also want them to enjoy that success.

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  • Diploma in Professional Coaching (ICF)

  • Team Coaching Practice Certificate

  • ACE Certified Coach, Leadership and Executive Coaching

  • Career Coaching Certifcate (ICC, ICF)

  • Wellness Coaching Certificate

  • Strengthscope® Accredited Practitioner

  • Licensed Motivational Map Practitioner


  • MSc in International Business Administration,

  • Swim England Swim Teacher

  • Mindfulness & Meditation teacher training, School of Positive Transformation


  • I was born in Germany and lived in 3 different countries before settling in the UK

  • I met my husband on a plane and went backpacking with him for a year around the financial crisis

  • I love languages and speak German, English, French and Spanish.

  • My core values are freedom, courage, curiosity, authenticity and faith, which together with my personal and professional background, form the foundation of my coaching.

  • Personal development, learning, and the courage to follow my heart have always been crucial to me

  • My aim is to continuously grow, seek adventure, and challenge myself, setting an example for the people I work with, my children, and everyone around me.

  • I have always believed that change and transformation are opportunities to learn and grow


I hope to inspire my children, my clients and people around me to do the work and start exploring and experience new insights and energy and see what is possible.

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