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Executive Coaching & Training for Leaders and their teams


Katrin is the passionate mind behind KBC Coaching and Consulting.   It is her mission to empower her clients to excel in their personal and professional lives, achieving significant growth and impact. Katrin's expertise lies in helping clients navigate transitions successfully, turning changes into opportunities to thrive.

Before she ventured into coaching and training, she worked in business development and fundraising within the finance and hedge fund industry. 

KBC Coaching and Consulting provides bespoke consulting, coaching and training services to leaders and their teams. For team coaching or larger projects, we draw upon a team of experience associates and partners and have the capacity to support a broad range of clients. 

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Our Services

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Executive Coaching 

Boost your personal development as a leader and unlock the maximum potential of you and your team.


Workshops & Faciliation

Bespoke workshops, including Disc assessment workshops. These tailored programs are designed to meet the specific needs and objective your team or organisation. 

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Develop and strengthen essential leadership abilities and skills throughout your organization.


Team Coaching 

Team coaching is a transformative process designed to enhance the performance, collaboration, and overall effectiveness of a team within an organization. 

Working Together

Bespoke Services

KBC we specialise in delivering personalised consulting, coaching, and training solutions designed for leaders and their teams.

Every training session, workshop, and coaching engagement tailored to meet their specific needs and objectives. Our aim is to facilitate growth and development using coaching as powerful catalyst for our work that is tailored, relevant, and impactful.

Throughout our programs, we prioritise creating a safe and confidential space for our clients. This environment fosters trust and openness, enabling clients to explore their challenges, set goals, and navigate their journeys with confidence and clarity. 


We leverage a diverse array of techniques, tools, and methodologies, combining traditional coaching and training practices with cutting-edge insights from neuroscience. This fusion allows us to offer a comprehensive approach that addresses both individual and collective needs effectively.

At KBC, we are committed to partnering with our clients on their paths to success, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful, purposeful, and enriching.

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Simon K., Founder, Tech Start-up

Working with Katrin has been truly transformational. Her sessions provided me with the space to slow down, break tasks into manageable parts, and approach my work with a renewed sense of ease. I have gained clarity and efficiency for me and my team. My partner benefited too and asked if I wanted more sessions for Christmas! :)


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