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  • I provide tailored coaching and training services to individuals, professionals and teams. For team coaching or larger projects, I draw upon a team of  experienced associates and have the capacity to support a broad range of clients.


  • Trust and chemistry are key for a successful coaching program; therefore, the first step is an introductory meeting or call. It is very important for me to understand my client’s challenges, aspirations and goals so that I am able to meet their needs. If I can’t help or if the chemistry isn’t right from either side, I am able to recommend another coach or associate.


  •  The main focus is to empower clients and ensure changes are meaningful and can be sustained. I use a variety of techniques to help clients to generate their own solutions. Sessions are bespoke and designed to meet individual or team needs.

  • During the coaching program, I provide a safe space for my clients. I offer myself as a thinking partner whose role is to guide, motivate, challenge and compassionately disrupt their thinking. My coaching is holistic and designed to get under the skin, in order to create transformational, long-lasting, and sustainable, change, in both the professional and personal lives of my clients.

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Depending on my client’s requirements,
I can offer different coaching programs. I currently offer the following programs:

Founders Success Program

3 months focused coaching program (with weekly coaching sessions).

Financial Executive Leadership Coaching Program

One-to-one bespoke coaching programme for select individuals in the Finance Industry to achieve and maintain success in their professional and personal life without burning out.

One to one “Intensive Laser coaching” session

Most recommended for existing clients who require a follow up, or for anyone who has a very specific topic they want to work on.

Impact, Presence and Courage Leadership Coaching Program

Leadership coaching specifically focused on leaders, founders, or entrepreneurs with a desire to develop their skills in running their business alongside their life.

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